Cyber-Security Prayer (c) Sandra Aengenheyster

Pentecost flash of inspiration: The Cyber-Security Prayer

25 years ago, I graduated in Protestant theology from the Ruhr University in Bochum – and have since worked in IT. For this career change, I have received many surprised stares and countless questions over the past few years. „What is a theologian doing in IT?“

I still remember my first job interview, where the CEO also asked this question and was clearly hesitant about accepting my application. In the end, however, I managed to convince him. Not only because I met the personal requirements for the job, but also the professional ones.

How did it come about? I was always fascinated by technology, especially programming and later the Internet, even during my school years and later during my studies. Even if I never became a good programmer, I read, learned, exchanged, and qualified about the rapidly developing technologies.

In July 2022, I will celebrate 10 years of self-employment, and what can I say? My fascination with technology and innovation never wanes, and I’m curious to see how things evolve.

Just in time for Pentecost, I would now like to share with you/you this flash of inspiration that – with a twinkle in my eye – connects what is important to me and dedicate it to the topic of cyber-security awareness:

The Cyber-Security Prayer

Cyber-Security Prayer. (c) Sandra Aengenheyster


Cyber-security awareness needs

  • Curiosity, education, and knowledge. On the one hand, about basic technologies, and understanding human behaviors. On the other hand, we need to understand how these technologies and behaviors can be misused and used against us, our company, and our society.
  • Self-responsibility and realism. There is no 100% protection against cybercriminals, so to prevent and avert criminal activity, it is right to rather think twice. Most of the time, less damage is done by thinking and asking than by impulsively giving in to urgency or threats.
  • Community. Together we are stronger. The knowledge and experience gained should be shared with others and applied to protect the community. For example, also by clearing up hoaxes or raising the awareness of „technology-distant“ fellow human beings.

Well, I guess I’m a theologian after all 😉.

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